Leather Quality

When choosing leather for my products, Horween was an obvious choice.  They are a family run tannery who've been tanning leather for 112 years and it shows.  A lot of their process for tanning leather is still done completely by hand which really fit with the feel of my handcrafted goods.  I use full grain leather because I believe in quality and want my products to not only last , but age well.  Although it's more expensive, my decision to use high quality leather is ultimately reflected in the quality of my products

I mainly use Horween Dublin because of its character.  It not only looks amazing brand new but also ages really nicely and will last.  It takes time to wear in but never becomes too flimsy - maintaining its rigidity while softening up just enough.

Some of my other leathers include

  • Horween Chromexcel
  • Horween Football Leather
  • Nubuck Latigo
  • Natural Veg Tan


Hand Stitching

Everything is stitched 100% by hand with waxed tiger thread.  The difference between a machine stitch vs a hand stitch is that a machine doesn't have the ability to tie knots.  I use the saddle stitch which is known for it's strength because each stitch is essentially a knot.  Although it takes a little more time, it is worth it to know that these products will last as long as you do.

MY story


       My Name is Levi Wiebe, and no that's not short for Leviticus.  Growing up, my dad's nickname for me was Leviticus and I loved it, so when I started Leatherworking I decided to brand myself as "Leviticus Goods." I've always had a passion for using my hands to make things.  I was always making things out of cardboard and other materials and in Junior High I started selling duct tape wallets to my friends.  My art teacher at the time gave me a small piece of leather for me to experiment with.  The first thing I ever made was a tiny little wallet which was just glued together.  That sparked something in me so I went out and bought a couple of cheap tools and some more leather and began honing my craft.  I've been leather working for 3 years now and I still love it just as much as when I started.  I love being able to share my love for creating with others and see my product be put to good use.  Throughout my journey as a leather worker I've always kept everything 100% handmade which is important to me because I didn't just want to bust out a lot of cheap wallets.  I wanted be able to express myself not by using machines but simply using my hands.  It not only makes each item last longer, but also gives each item a story because there's thought behind each stitch and each cut.